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Singing like lions in the wild.

So, our Puppet Anthems app was finally launched the other day on iTunes, and now we are only days from the start of the World Cup. It’s a strange sense of symmetry. All these teams preparing for the past years and secretly, our small team of three have been doing the same with our precious anthem app, albeit for twelve months. And now we are all going to run side by side at the big event. It’s that sense of sharing that I like about anthems. It’s all one big singalong for 5 minutes before the game, and we do it to signal that we are in this battle for pride together. It reminds me of lions – not the British Lions – but those powerful beasts of the wild who remain quiet for much of the day but make their presence felt when they open the huge jaws and let out a powerful cry, saying I am here! Some nations have a habit of letting that cry echo for miles, but many people seem wary. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all just sang like wild lions, to let the players know we are there through thick and thin? You bet!